Build better lending models with greater accuracy to make faster lending decisions


Manual credit assessment processes make it difficult for lenders to make fast, informed lending decisions with many struggling to get an accurate and up-to-date picture of their customer’s financial health.

Affordability solution

Finch's affordability solution provides lenders with real-time insights around income, assets, liabilities and high risk spending behaviour to reduce credit risk and meet the demands for online lending.

Approve more loans in less time
Reduce manual assessment from months to minutes
Meet compliance requirements
Reduce your default rate

How it works

Income & Expense Verification

Our market-leading categorisation engine features over 240+ Expense and 32 Income Categories, with the ability to create custom categories to suit your needs.

Income & Expense Verification

Advanced profiling

With clean and categorised data, our advanced analytics generates in-depth profiling and behavioural patterns across discretionary, non-discretionary and high risk spending, giving assessors the tools they need to ask the right questions.

Advanced profiling

Analysis & Modelling

With a full financial picture thanks to accurate transaction data, lenders can support transaction level credit scoring and improved lending models to reduce risk and make faster lending decisions.

Analysis & Modelling

Finch Affordability is powered by

Expense categories
Income categories
Bank fee categories
Enrichment accuracy on high risk categories
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Our partners say


Through advanced retail analytics, we can learn even more about where and when Australians spend their money, and their purchasing preferences.

Why Finch

Best in class enrichment

Our powerful enrichment engine uses the latest data modelling methodologies, tested against hundreds of millions of new transactions every month to continuously improve its accuracy.

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Data personalisation experts

With deep experience in CX, financial analysis and data engineering, we spend time understanding your data challenges to help you get the most out of your data

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Plug and play AIML analytics

Accelerate speed to market by leveraging our machine learning algorithms trained on over $30 billion worth of transaction data and behavioural patterns.

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Consumer and retail intelligence

Our intelligence reports provide real-time consumer and retail insights that power data-driven decisions across sales, business and operations.

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